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👋 Hi! I'm Hak.
I'm grateful you're taking time to read this humble blog.
Actually, my real name is Bogdan, but people call me Hak since I was a teenage boy. Mostly because of my ways around computers from a young age.
Also, I was born in 1990 and I'm a Leo, if you're into that kind of stuff.
I've been developing software for half of my life now, working with and for different software companies from corporate to start-ups.
Nowadays, besides developing software and helping start-ups, I'm also interested in topics like productivity, personal development, mindset, human brain and other boring topics like these.
In hopes to help other creators, makers and thinkers struggling with the everyday grind, I use this blog to brain dump my thoughts and learnings into helpful insights for others.
I write about everything that sparks my interest, from freelancing and software development, technology and entrepreneurship to productivity and mindset.
This blog is my 2-cents.
I appreciate you have it on your radar.